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So who is using it?

So far i’ve been talking about what is out there to be used and how it can be used. This week i set out to find who is actually using these technologies, in particular i tried to find some australian examples. To my surpirise i was having some trouble finding information on some large companies using web 2.0 tools regularly but i did find some results.

RaboPlus, an australian bank currently are using web 2 tools such as podcasts and blogs, as a way to communicate with their customers. You can view the community pages at They use it as a way to communicate with their customers on a regular basis to give them up to date information. (This information was found at OnlineBankingReview).

Another Australian company Chochlear use a wiki internally to spread information to its engeneering team and also to keep staff up to date with current project status.

Cochlear software development manager Victor Rodrigues says it has changed the way the company works.

“People are a lot more aware of things that are happening around them just by the mere fact that anyone can go to a wiki and publish information internally. Its use certainly has picked up.

“Over the past two months, for example, the number of contributors has increased by almost 100 per cent,” Rodrigues says.

(found at

Over the past weeks of researching enterprise 2.0 i have been developing ideas of how this can help me at my workplace and started putting them into action. For those who don’t know i work at forest computers, we deal with apple computers, repairs, web development, networking, voip, security and many more IT related services. This is a small business so i am usually chopping and changing between these areas and it often becomes confusing. So i have created a wiki to be used by the staff. The reason for this was to have a place where all staff can go to reference all the services and processes that need to be done in the business. For example we had a staff member who specialised with dealing with iphones and vodafone contracts. When he left, the rest of the company was left relatively in the dark as to where to pick up where he left off. With the inclusion of a wiki it can be a place where all the processes that need to be done to sign up a customer contract for example could be so we can have access to the information if ever needed. I have spoken my colleuges and they all agree that a wiki would be a great addition to the company and some have already began contributing. I will keep you guys updated as to how the wiki is adopted in the company and my thoughts on its effectiveness but so far so good.

These example show the power and versatility of web 2.0 tools, the same tools can have different applications in different companies and reap many kinds of benefits. In my opinion incorporating enterprise 2.0 in your business means that you are engaging your employees and encouraging them to get involved. Tomorrow i will continue this post by further analysing the use of enterprise 2 by these companies and how these cases relate to patterns developed by Dion Hithcliffe and Andrew McAfee.

Until then, do you know of any other Australian companies embracing web 2.0 tools?



Twitter for business?

In my previous posts i outlined some of the many web 2.0 tools that can be used for personal use and in the enterprise. Now i am going to focus mainly on twitter in this short article. For those who don’t know, twitter is a micro-blogging service that allows people to update their status or send messages in no more than 140 characters. So how can this have any benefits to business? I think its easier if i give some examples

  • Samsung have a twitter account dedicated to their mobile phone range. they disscuss feature, promotion and customer issues using this service to reach a large amount of people. You can view the samsung account here
  • Ford also use twitter as a place customers can contact them and get a quick short response or point them in the right direction.
  • Starbucks posts offers and the latest deals on their twitter account

Others such as forrester, best buy, dell and more use this service as a way provide customer service, increase awareness, spread news and promotion and create a network of customers. The benefits are huge for a small price of 140 characters and businesses in australia should also try to harness this technology.

Let me know if you know of any other businesses using twitter and what do they use it for?

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Wikipedia contributors going down?

Wikipedia Contributors drop

Wikipedia Contributors drop

I read an article is the free brisbane paper ‘MX’ last week that explained how the number of contributors to wikipedia has decreased by one third in recent years. Considering the massive amount of people this number is quite large. This article suggests that a reason for this could be that “occasional contributors, those with just one edit per month, had their changes reverted or deleted 25 percent of the time”.

What other reasons can you suggest on why this could have happened? A wiki is all about contribution, so what will happen if these figures keep decreasing?Is the wiki another passing fad? Share your thoughts and contributions as to why this could have happened.


Tools of the trade

Blogging is fantastic for getting opinions out there, sharing useful information and developing a community, but what else is out there? There are so many web services and technologies that take advantage of web 2.0 concepts. They can be used to connect people or just make life easier, personally or in the enterprise.Social networking would have to be the most common web 2.0 with sites such as facebook, with over 250 million active users and others like myspace and bebo. These sites are great for connecting people and sharing information but there is so much more!

Blogs and wikis help bring us services such as wordpress and wikipedia. Sites like delicious for bookmark management, expensr for expense management, remember the milk, doodle, Flickr and the lists go on! There are so many tools out there that can help you out and i suggest you all get into it.

So what about the usage of web 2.0 technologies in the enterprise? It may surprise you but yes these tools are being used in business more and more every day and there are so many good reasons for it.

  • LinkedIn is one of the most popular business networking websites, linking employees and developing business contacts
  • Rather than having physical meeting with clients and colleges, you can use online messaging and video conferencing such as google talk or skype
  • Services such as Yammer and twitter allow co-workers to update each other using a micro-blogging platform as an employee management tool
  • 14dayz for tracking the time spent by groups on projects

Social Bright posted a great blog listing tonnes of web 2.0 tools you can use personally and in your business, check it out HERE. Undoubtedly you will find some new tools that will benefit you.

I leave you with this video i found from the very well know technology company Oracle, known widely for their database software. Here Thomas Kurian from Oracle is talking about how the company has tightly integrated enterprise 2.0 functionality into their own software so business can harness this. Also i would recommend looking at other videos from the OracleVideo youtube channel that contains eight short videos of an interview with Andrew McAfee, a well known web 2.0 professor i have mentioned in previous blog posts.

Enjoy 🙂

we blog…

I’m relatively new to the blogging world and i must say it has opened my eyes. The amount of information out there that people are sharing is fantastic. However blogging is only the tip of the ice burg in the scope to web 2.0 technologies such as wiki’s, social networks, podcasts, video sharing and more. All of these tools have massive potential in the enterprise world and also can be used to market yourself in the business realm.

Ross Dawson(a very well known keynote speaker in the field of business and technology) has written a great book about implementing enterprise 2.0 and harnessing web technologies, some of the chapters are available on line. Here is a great excerpt that identifies web 2.0 and how it fits into the enterprise and the issues involved with this topic. Definitely a good read to start off our learning and get some background info.

As i was saying in my post while testing my iphone blogging, Andrew McAfee has developed the SLATES paradigm which outlines in his opinion the six primary components of enterprise 2.0.

  • S – The ability to search for information
  • L – Generating Links between pages
  • A – Authoring your own information in blogs & wiki’s
  • T – Tagging information to help create categories
  • E – generating recommendations by extension on current  searches and content
  • S – Signal users when new content is available

In my opinion this really sums up enterprise 2.0 and all focuses around the idea of making it easier to collaborate and share information. To finish off today i will leave you with  some reading to do from Dion Hinchcliffe he discusses the SLATES paradigm in this blog entry and also introduces a similar concept titled FLATNESSES which is an extension on SLATES. This image below was taken from the same entry.

Dion Hithcliffe - State of Enterprise 2.0

Dion Hithcliffe - State of Enterprise 2.0

Comment this post and let me know what your thoughts and opinions are on this extension and any other comments about this post. Hope to hear from you all soon!