Update on Enterprise 2.0 in my workplace

Back in my post titled So who is using it? I mentioned how I was starting to use a wiki in my workplace at Forest. Over the past few weeks I have trialed the wiki and some other Enterprise 2.0 tools, here are my first impressions on their adoption.


I introduced a wiki as a reference where everyone in the workplace can contribute and get information when needed. This has been a success so far especially since the office is only small (usually 3 people at a time). The wiki has developed into more than what I originally intended. When I started the wiki I made some pages for ‘Repair Guides’, ‘Procedures’ and ‘Product information’. These three pages have been utilised well, having staff members contribute and use the wiki as the first place to look when seeking information. What I didn’t expect and what really shows the power of collaborative tools in the workplace was the creation of new pages, such as a Clients page and a Things to Do page. After only a few weeks it looks like the wiki is growing well and will prove to be an invaluable tool within Forest.


I suggested to my colleagues that we should try to use twitter as a quick and easy communication tools within our workplace, 50% of us already had a twitter account and were familiar with the idea and all of us had iPhones so the potential was definitely there. We tried to use it as a reminder and notification system, for example; ‘@Jamiecturner you have an appointment at 12:00 with xxx at yyy street’. The problem with this was that it was often followed up by a call to get more information. Also when sending message within the office it seems pointless to send a tweet when we could walk 20m and the person face to face. My final thoughts on micro blogging in our small business : not suited.

So from the two Enterprise 2.0 mediums I have tried so far, one has proved a great success. I was thinking of using mash-ups next but am unsure of how it can specifically benefit us. Any suggestions are welcome, I have been looking at Yahoo Pipes so far and it looks like it has a lot of potential. What other Enterprise 2.0 methods can you suggest we try next?



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  2. Hi Jamie,

    Really good critical post. I find it interesting how you think mircoblogging isn’t suited to SME’s when I’ve been reading posts from our colleagues heralding that this will be the greatest thing since sliced bread to hit companies. Interesting perspective indeed, raising the interesting question of testing, maybe these tools need to be means tested before we get too excited.

    A tool you and your work might want to try is Yammer more information here – https://www.yammer.com/
    it enables organisations to make a private company network using the company domain…might be an interesting tool to test out at your work!


  3. +1 for trying out yammer. Certainly something to look at if staff are at all geographically separate.

    How large is Forest? I see you have bases in Gold Coast, NZ and South Africa.

    Wikis are certainly excellent replacements for word documents. Rather than emailing/storing it, a wiki lets it grow and anyone add to it. I don’t know if you can edit wiki documents synchronously, as you can in Google Docs.


  4. Posted by jamie turner on September 14, 2009 at 11:45 pm

    thanks guys, i have had a look at yammer before but haven’t tried it out.

    Forest is only small ~6 employees on the gold coast, I am unsure about size of the overseas bases we really don’t communicate at all but if we ever do I would think that this would come in handy then

    thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  5. Posted by Haley on September 16, 2009 at 10:39 am

    Hey Jamie,

    Way to go with applying the unit to actual enterprise. Many of us can only speculate as to how web 2 tools can enhance or detract from business as we have not yet entered the workforce. I think everyone is interested to hear your thoughts about employing some of the web2 tools we have discussed so much in the unit in your workplace. It must be exciting to see new pages being created from your initial wiki page. Great job and great post. Keep us informed of the progress of these tools in your business!


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