Opera and Twitter, The perfect couple

I came across a very interesting article tonight that gave a great example of how twitter is being used by a certain organisations and who would have thought that it would be the Royal Opera House! That’s right they are using twitter as a mass collaboration tool where people tweet to @youropera with a line that is 140 characters or less and a list is complied of submitted lyrics. As the project continues the lyrics are being scored by Helen Porter and is to be performed in the royal opera house in London. I find it fascinating that these collaborative tools can be used in such a wide variety of ways. If you feel you want to contribute, do it via twitter.com/youropera, also you can view the  lyrics so far

Have you heard of any other unusual ways tools like this are being used in organisations or businesses? share them along with your opinions.


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  1. Outsourcing lyrics is an interesting concept — I’m a bit skeptical as to whether it will succeed or not as people tend to behave differently on the internet than they do in real life (posting joke messages, for example).

    In a similar vein to your post, the Brisbane City Council recently accepted ideas for the currently-under-construction Hale St Link bridge, using the internet as a medium for the public to submit their ideas ( http://namethatbridge.com/ ). The competition has closed now, but I think they may have got some interesting entries!



    • Posted by jamie turner on August 20, 2009 at 8:52 pm

      I was sceptical too but after reading the compiled lyrics so far it seems like its going well, i’m not sure how many ‘bad’ posts they had to go through but it is definitely good concept.


  2. Hey,
    Nice link. That is truly amazing. I’d be interested to see what the end product is like. Also, I wonder what the implications are for ownership of the lyrics, and copyrighting etc.

    Thanks Jamie,


  3. Posted by brendanread on August 25, 2009 at 10:45 pm

    Interesting post. I was also reading an article on Twitter being implemented as a web 2.0 tool for companies. I was looking from the perspective of the efffect that may have had on those companies if the web 2.0 technology was to fall over or fail such as what happened to twitter when the DDoS attack occured. Anyway you can read my blog on it at http://brendanread.wordpress.com/2009/08/24/the-effect-of-downtime/



  4. When I read the heading I was thinking Opera as in the Web browser, Opera. After reading this article, I realised I was wrong and thought about some of the good points you have made.


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