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I’m relatively new to the blogging world and i must say it has opened my eyes. The amount of information out there that people are sharing is fantastic. However blogging is only the tip of the ice burg in the scope to web 2.0 technologies such as wiki’s, social networks, podcasts, video sharing and more. All of these tools have massive potential in the enterprise world and also can be used to market yourself in the business realm.

Ross Dawson(a very well known keynote speaker in the field of business and technology) has written a great book about implementing enterprise 2.0 and harnessing web technologies, some of the chapters are available on line. Here is a great excerpt that identifies web 2.0 and how it fits into the enterprise and the issues involved with this topic. Definitely a good read to start off our learning and get some background info.

As i was saying in my post while testing my iphone blogging, Andrew McAfee has developed the SLATES paradigm which outlines in his opinion the six primary components of enterprise 2.0.

  • S – The ability to search for information
  • L – Generating Links between pages
  • A – Authoring your own information in blogs & wiki’s
  • T – Tagging information to help create categories
  • E – generating recommendations by extension on current  searches and content
  • S – Signal users when new content is available

In my opinion this really sums up enterprise 2.0 and all focuses around the idea of making it easier to collaborate and share information. To finish off today i will leave you with  some reading to do from Dion Hinchcliffe he discusses the SLATES paradigm in this blog entry and also introduces a similar concept titled FLATNESSES which is an extension on SLATES. This image below was taken from the same entry.

Dion Hithcliffe - State of Enterprise 2.0

Dion Hithcliffe - State of Enterprise 2.0

Comment this post and let me know what your thoughts and opinions are on this extension and any other comments about this post. Hope to hear from you all soon!



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